Frugal Tuesday: Go Camping!

The weekend following Independence Day, we drove down to The gulf coast to help Burners Without Borders Corpus Christi do their annual beach cleanup and campout. In addition to about 150 Burning Man community members, who create a weekend “village”on the beach, complete with food, art, and entertainment, another 150 or so local residents pitched in with the Saturday cleanup to help remove about 4000 pounds of trash from the beach, most of it debris left by 4th of  July revelers.

It was our first outing in our bus, and there were a few other buses, RVs, and trailers present, but most people camped in tents. Overall it was a wonderful weekend, spent visiting with friends and making new ones, and other than the fuel to get there and the optional donation to help defray the event’s overhead costs, it hardly cost us anything.

It doesn’t have to be an organized event, but spending a couple nights under the stars makes for an inexpensive getaway. And sleeping in a screen-free environment  surrounded by fresh air is a sure way to smash some stress.

What are some of your favorite camping trips and tips? 


2 thoughts on “Frugal Tuesday: Go Camping!

  1. What a great thing to do (re clean-up)(4000lb of rubbish!!!???)
    We love camping – but haven’t really done any since moving to Tassie! Back on the mainland we mainly used to camp on a friends farm.
    Camping is fun – can be a bit of work, but so relaxing being under the stars and away from civilisation! Cheaper than hotels thats for sure!

    • The beach clean-up IS a fantastic idea… I’m so grateful to the organizers and can’t wait to do it again in September! It’s really a small thing to do, but if everyone did it, what a different world we would live in!

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