Yard Day

Mr. Vega and I are the type of people who are happy to show up and help our friends with their projects, but for some reason, I’ve always been reticent to ask for help. All that changed this weekend, when I sent a few text messages to some of our friends “Y’all feel like coming over to get a little dirty? Weeding & planting, would love some company! Snacks & cold beverages aplenty!”

A few friends took us up on it, and were happy to spend a weekend day helping us accomplish nearly everything on our list. I’ve heard it said that the way to make a friend is by letting someone do you a favor, and if that’s true, then we’ve got some friends for life, now! Having six people working meant that we could accomplish in one day what would have taken the pair of us three days or more. It was wonderful to see the place improve so dramatically in such a short time!

Community-building is one of the guiding principles at the Little Hippie House. It’s important to us that our home be a welcoming place for friends and family, and we know from experience that helping to create and maintain a space provides a sense of ownership to the people who do it. We want our loved ones to genuinely feel like our home is their home, as well… City life is very isolating, and we’re doing our best to change that for ourselves and for our friends.

We’re looking forward to many more weekends spent working alongside our friends, both on our projects and on theirs. It’s the same amount of work, and it needs to get done no matter how many people do it, but there’s just something wonderful–and much more fun!– about coming together to get things done.

What community projects have you participated in lately? How did you like it?





6 thoughts on “Yard Day

  1. We, too, have always been the ones helping, but this last few months, we’ve been accepting all the help we can get. This weekend, we have put out the word and expect between 20 and 50 people to show up at one time or another to help put out bark dust, clean, sort, burn trash, touch up some paint, as we are putting our place on the market next Thursday. It needs to be “picture perfect” by Monday. Literally. They are taking pictures Monday or Tuesday. I’ve been working hard between other commitments, and with everyone’s help, I think we are going to make it.

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