New Year, New Website:

Happy New Year!

I started and named our blog when we were still in Los Angeles, preparing to make our big move to Austin, uncertain of what our lives might become. Since buying our home last July, we have started calling it our Little Hippie House, which represents well our intention of smaller-space, simple, natural living. We want our home to be as self-sufficient as possible, a welcoming center for the creative and community-minded group of friends we are lucky enough to be meeting in our new home city of Austin, Texas, and an environment supporting our own healing and personal growth as well as offering encouragement to all who visit (either in person or online).

In the year ahead, I’ll continue to share our personal finance journey, how we are fixing up our home and making the house and property more self-sustaining, and what we are doing to live the healthy, happy, socially responsible lives we aspire to as individuals. You can also find me on Twitter: @lilhippiehouse.  Please feel free to comment, share, and link to your own blogs or sites throughout the year… the more the merrier!



2 thoughts on “New Year, New Website:

  1. I am very proud of you two, what you have accomplished in such a short time. May God bless your little hippie house and now that you have given your own touch you are making this house a home………You both are very much deserving of this treat. Love you both and keep the good work. God is always good to those that wait. Good luck and lots of love. Tia Laly.

    • Thank you, Laly! We are happy about the work we’ve done, and excited to share it with others, so they can do it, too, if they want to! We love you, and thank you for the support!

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